• Defog Diving Mask– A scuba mask comes with visible lens used when going for diving. When are in the water, the mask could be defogged due to the oxygen intake in a closed condition. After you are completed with diving, clean it properly with water. Remove the mask when you come out of the water. The mask should be defogged time to time in order to keep it clean and usable. You can also use a shampoo or a soap to clean the mask.

  • Master your Buoyancy– It is one of the frustrating point that a diver might face. Buoyancy is the force which is equal to the weight of the water displaced by the object. To keep your underwater movement in control, you should release all the air from BCD with the regulators in the mouth, your eye should be levelled with the water and breathing should be normal and lastly, don’t forget to carry 1-2 kg/lbs tank extra for your diving.
  • Manage Air Consumption– New to diving and using a lot of air before diving? It happens. Air consumption is an essential part when you are going for diving. Maintain good buoyancy and breathe slowly and never hold your breath. Minimise using your arms and keep them crossed on your breasts.